Welcome to Santa's Post Office in Levi!

With us, you can experience the Christmas athmosphere every day of the year. The cheerful mail elf welcomes you with a warm smile and greeting.

You can find lots of Christmasy products, local handcrafts, souvenirs, gift products, postcards and stamps.

Delight your loved ones with a letter from Santa Claus. At Santa's post office you can tell who would you like to remember and Santa will write them a letter.

There is a special stamp for the post cards and letters and you can leave them in the red, magical mail box.

It is quite busy at Santa's post office, he gets loads of letters from children across the world. Some of the letters are wish letters where the children tell about their wishes for Santa and some are just normal letters where they ask how Santa is doing and they tell about their own dreams and life. Santa Claus read every single letter and puts them in bags, he never throws any of them away. Have you written to Santa yet?